Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I invented a new word: crappetite. I have an appetite for crap. I should send it to that contest whatever newspaper has every year. Does anyhow know which paper it is?

Anyhow, my crappetite has been in full swing this weekend. I have been eating pizza, fried foods, etc. My stomach is paying for it.

I had a mini-meltdown this weekend. It was like I felt imprisoned in my life. I wanted to pack up a little kerchief and take my walking stick out on the wide road, hop a freight and ...just disappear... except the strong suspicion that I would just find more of the same a few boxcars down the line.

I have learned that when some aspect of your life becomes particularly confining it is by necessity about to transform, because you have outgrown it. I compare this to the once cozy and nurturing cocoon of the caterpillar that becomes a death trap that the chrysalis must escape. But this was more, every single thing in the world just sucked and I hated everything.

I ended up doing nothing Saturday and Sunday and finally on Sunday afternoon I just went to bed. I got up to water the yard and do some other things that have to be done everyday, then I went back to bed. I still wasn't back to myself this morning, but I was better. And I exhausted myself in the yard today. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.
Happy Belated Memorial Day and THANKS to all the vet's and all the troops that have ever served this country!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006


Screaming Lord Sutch performing.
Screaming Lord Sutch performing.

Brits are always surprised that I know who Screaming Lord Sutch was. More surprised than if I spout a few (Scots) Gaelic phrases at them. More surprised than if I profess to knowing that he died on Bloomsday, an obscure Irish celebration of James Joyce' ULYSSES held every year in Dublin. (I hope to attend one year.)

To my ABSOLUTE HORROR I recieved an email from Sam (Life in the Nightmare) saying that HE did not know who Screaming Lord Sutch was! This is a travesty of epic proportions.

Are the schools no longer teaching? Has that sceptred isle of kings and princes forgotten one of it's own true and noble sons so quickly? Will it next be "Who is Shakespeare? Who is Burns? And this Yeats fellow, what's he about?" Has Arthur too, and the Matter of Britain, been so easily discarded? Is the Peerage to be disbanded?

In these troubled times, with leaders like the International Bozo Brothers (Bush and Blair), we need, if not the Lord himself, his Screaming spirit more than ever!!!

Here is a wee morsel to whet your appetite. I took this and the pic from Wikipedia. (I hope they don't sue me!)

During the 60s, Screaming Lord Sutch was known for his horror themed stage show, as well as for usually dressing like Jack the Ripper. Accompanied by his band, The Savages, he often started the show by coming out of a big black coffin. Other stage props included knives and daggers, skulls, and "bodies". He released many horror themed singles during the early-mid 60s, the most popular and well known of which is "Jack the Ripper".

He founded the Official Monster Raving Loony Party in 1983 and fought the Bermondsey byelection. In his career he contested over 40 elections, rarely threatening the major party candidates, but often getting a respectable number of votes. His first attempt to enter Parliament was in 1963, when he contested the byelection in Stratford-upon-Avon caused by the resignation of John Profumo. He was an easily recognisable figure at election counts due to his flamboyant clothes. It was shortly after he polled several hundred votes in Margaret Thatcher's Finchley constituency in 1983 that the deposit paid by candidates was raised from £150 to £500. This did little to deter the legendarily deposit-losing Lord Sutch, who increased the number of rock concerts he performed per year to pay for his mock political campaigns.

Despite his seemingly light-hearted antics, in actuality Screaming Lord Sutch suffered from bipolar disorder and ended up committing suicide by hanging on June 16, 1999, following the death of his mother the previous year.