Friday, August 29, 2008


Superman flies. He's macho. He plows through air. Spiderman swings; Batman swoops.

My friend Enigma has a great balcony for imagining supernatural Superheroine fantasies. The San Gabriel mountains beckoning in the horizon; the sunrise to your right, and the California coastline sunset to your left.

When it is dark, though, you look out over the endless sea of rooftops and the romance is the night. And a woman that doesn't fly, or swing, or swoop. She levitates, and floats, and walks on the air and dances with the breeze. She is as luminescent as light, and she glides over the city like a night bird, keeping watch over it's inhabitants.

She doesn't have to kerpow! or bam! because her charisma is so bright it incinerates the vampires and banishes the the bone rattling ghosts. And as for the demons, well, she knows them all by name, anyhow. And she knows that they only prey upon the willing. A pact with Hell must be mutual.

Like the spooky things that go bump, she waits until after twilight to ride out on the current of the night wind to survey and investigate.

I don't have a name for her (yet), my inner Superheroine, but she always finds her way to me when I am outside at night on Enigma's balcony.

Until next time, TOODLE ON!!!

EDIT: Sheer Brilliance (illuminates), and my evil alter-ego, Shear Brilliance (she cuts).